Frontenac Law Association “Pay What You Can Afford” Wills Program

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and for the duration of the Declaration of Emergency, the Frontenac Law Association (FLA) is announcing an initiative for local frontline and essential service workers with respect to obtaining wills and power of attorney documents at a “pay what you can afford” fee with a participating local lawyer.

It is the belief of the FLA Executive that this “pay what you can afford” will and power of attorney initiative will assist the public in this time of stress and need. Obtaining these documents provides frontline and essential service workers a degree of order and certainty in their personal affairs. The FLA is aware that many people have always intended to obtain wills or power of attorney documents, but that this item has often been pushed off into the future. It is the hope of the FLA that by local lawyers offering a “pay what you can afford” fee, that those members of the public bearing the brunt of our community efforts at containing COVID-19 can attain some security in these trying times, and will be able to do so in a way that accommodates the immense financial strain being felt by much of our society.

Members of the public who are frontline and essential service workers who wish to have wills or power of attorney documents completed should contact a lawyer participating in this initiative listed below.  Those with questions should contact FLA President, Kevin Cooke at 613-542-1889 or .




Andrew Bala

Andrea Brigneti


Jillian Burford-Grinnell


David Chatten


Annie Clifford


Taylor Deveau


Stephen Duggan


Brittany Fisher


Brad Fochesato


Jennifer Foster


Lulama Kotze


Mark LaFrance


Al Le


Gord McDiarmid


Lindy McDonald


Mark Petty


Yuri Tarnowecky


Kevin Walsh


Hilary Warder


John Wilson