• Access to the FLA Library – 24/7
  • Library access to  primary and secondary legal material – 24/7
  • Free Quicklaw (in library only)
  • Manual and computerized legal research assistance
  • Photocopying and faxing facilities
  • Faxing or e-mailing of cases to your office at discounted rates
  • Interlibrary loans free for members
  • Rental of AV Equipment at discounted rates



  • Luncheon seminars with guest speakers at discounted rates
  • Active sub-sections including Real Estate, Family, Estates, Young Lawyers and Civil
  • Continuing education replays at discounted rates


  • FLA Newsletter
  • Lawyers Directory free of charge
  • Input in the Membership Handbook & Fee Information and Guidelines distributed to the public


  • Annual General Meeting at discount rate
  • Regular Social Events such as Retirement Dinners and Awards Banquets at discounted rates
  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • Goodlife Fitness, discounted rates for members


  • Active Representation on FOLA & CBAO
  • At all levels of government and the LSO on behalf of the membership
  • Preservation of the County Courthouse for court use
  • Mutual relationship and support with Queen’s University
  • Enhancement of community profile


  • Create your own web-profile! Free for members. Call 542-0034 for instructions

Service Fees*

Service Members Non-Members
Manual & computerized research fees** $35.00/hr. or any part thereof $55.00/hr. or any part thereof
Faxes $1.00/page + long distance if appl. $1.00/page + long distance if appl.
Photocopies $0.25/page $0.25/page
Laser copies $0.25/page $0.25/page
Group Broadcast $50.00/1st page + $5.00/add. page + $5.00/page for setup if required $75.00/1st page + $5.00/add. page + $5.00/page for setup if required
Interlibrary Loans no charge not applicable
Lawyer’s Directory Free to members- $15.00 second copy $15.00/copy
Rental of:
T.V. monitor $25.00/day $50.00/day
LCD projector $25.00/day $50.00/day
Screen $25.00/day $50.00/day
Luncheons Seminars, CLE Ed. Seminars & Video Replays Rates vary surcharge on member rate
Social Dinners & Events*** Rates vary surcharge on member rate
* Plus HST

* Plus HST

** “The research materials you requested are only an aid to you as counsel in your research. They are not to be taken as a comprehensive or complete research effort. They should not be taken or used as any form substitute for your own research. The fees levied are for the time taken and effort expended by the Frontenac Law Association’s Staff in locating and transmitting the materials you requested. The Frontenac Law Association specifically disclaims any liability for errors or omissions in its own right and on behalf of its staff”.

*** Judicial, out-of-county lawyers and member spouses same as member rate.



To all Law Library Staff and Law Association Members,
We are happy to announce the creation of a partnership with VIA Rail Canada Inc.
As of today, you are entitled to a 5% discount every time you travel with VIA Rail Canada. This discount applies to all destinations, and all fare categories, with the exception of the Escape fare, and the Prestige Class on the Canadian (Toronto to Vancouver train)*.
Moreover, the discount is also valid for your personal travels. Up to 3 guests can travel with you and benefit from the discount, as long as you are travelling with them end to end.
To make sure the discount is applied every time you travel, simply visit and create a profile. In your profile, you will be asked to select a discount type. Select ‘’corporate rate’’ and enter our six-digit corporate number: 820045.